The Neopiko™ range of pens from Deleter™ are high quality products designed for a variety of illustrative tasks. The Neopiko pens fit nicely into a wider spectrum of manga products but are exceptionally versatile. Their quality of manufacture, coupled with their enormous range of fineliners in different widths and colours makes them well suited to professional illustration. In addition, the Neopiko colour range is designed to correspond to Pantone™ colours, making them an attractive rendering option for designers.

Neopiko pens have a chisel nib and a brush nib. The brush nib makes it possible to put down large areas of even colour quickly and can also be used for more fluid, paint, like illustration. The chisel nib is ideal for blocking-in smaller areas of colour and running ink precisely up to illustration lines.

Neopiko-2 marker pens are a great value alchol-based professional illustration pen.

Neopiko Line 2 Fineliners

Neopiko Line 2 fineline pens are designed to complement the Neopiko 2 range of marker pens. They are available in a range of widths and colours making them extremely useful for many different design and illustration applications.

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